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The single thought (La pensée unique : in French)

It is the one which does not integrate the difference of sexes, the one which integrates only a purely imaginary version of it. It doesn't deal with Symbolic system. It gives formulas like: "A dog is a dog" or "A" ="A". It means identification with the others.


Imaginary or the binary thought

You have here the choice between two terms only. One can be nice or bad, stop! One can be only "for" or "against" the war. This thought is poor and misses of what French call "Le tiers absent". It refers to a field where "A" = "A". It is what the psychoanalyst Francoise Dolto called in French "se mêmer" (to love oneself), that means total identification.


Symbolic system or the trinary thought

When a Human Being reaches symbolized imaginary, he found himself recorded in his sexuation, and has access then to what Lacan calls the Other (with a big "O"), and to Art and Love.


Symbolized Imaginary

Being able to read, needs to be able to read oneself, and for that, it is necessary to have recorded a membership in the catalogue of the living. It is this recording which psychoanalysts call "symbolic castration system", and also the initiatory rituals in the whole world refer to this when speaking about Symbolic Death.


What we think in Lituraterre

In Lituraterre, we tried to approach the symptom of illiteracy and we affirm that its origin is a non inscription, a non recording of the Symbolic Sexuation System.


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