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The constitution of Europe









The signifer "Europe"

I always thought that nobody could use with impunity one Signifer rather than another. One can't  call his store “Attak” without running the risk of the autonomous function of the Signifer going its own way all alone, independently of the will of that which employs it.

That's what the Signfer is, a mere functionality!

The function of the letter “A” is to be none of any of the other letters of the alphabet, none of the totality of the other letters of the alphabet. This is the only acception of Totality, the negative form !

The Globality is possible only from the side of  negation, a "Totality that "is not",  that doesn't exist !

If one wants to realise a positive "Globality, he runs the risk to have nothing, nothing else than vexation and mortal results.

Then, to ask oneself the question of "yes" or "no" to  the new Constitution of Europe nevertheless requires before, the knowledge of what the Signifer “Europe" means”. Geographically, but also and especially semantically !

Small Larousse (French famous dictionary): Europe: Gr.Myth.  Sister of Cadmos. She was removed by Zeus metamorphosed in bull, which led it in Crete where she became mother of Minos.

Minos: Son of Zeus and Europe, king de Crète who was a judge of the hells.

The roots: Based on the same root “Rb” like “Europe”, you have :

Erébe: Son of Chaos and the Night. Name given by the Old ones to the dark area which extends under the ground with the top from the Hell.

Orphée, orphic, orphan

The Signifer “Europe” has to do with the language root “Rb” (or “Br”, let us not forget that Abraham has a time been called “Arbaham”). The vowels were invented only towards VIIe century. However “Rb” is the oldest word whose humanity kept the trace. It means “Principle of the first man” in Aramean.

Erbe, principle of the first man of humanity is completely different from the one who will give rise to the first imaginary couple of the Catholics: The Adam and the Dame.

With time and the invention of the vowels, the Signifer “Rb” will became Erbe or Arbe (the original Man thus, of the Aramean People). "Rb" is the companion principle of the Eve, which is a second principle. We should always say "The" Adam and "the" Eve, as the two first principles that have been in the origins of Humanity.

This word “Rb” is, one can see it well, the origin of the words “Arab” and as well as of “Hebrew”. (RB and BR)

Erbe, which after its passage by the principle of Eve, will give “To the beginning was Eve-Erbe” as having been there from all times, even if at the beginning nothing was there.

Th'Everb !

The Verb !

At the beginning was the Signifer !

Whatever delirious  the Catholics can be about "the wife" of Adam, Eve is nothing else, as Adam, than a pure principle and not a woman. Same manner as “Notre Dame” (colleague of Eve - Concept created by Saint Benoit)  is not Jesus' mother, but the wife of the Verb. The mother of Jesus, is Mary !

The Eve as much as Notre Dame, are the index of the veil, the virginity, the necessary principle of the opposite of representation !

Same manner Adam and Jesus are buried at the same place, “Carriath Arbe” (the somewhere else of Arbe !)

Continuous  and Discontinuous  must work together, hand in hand to carry out to what the Americans call : a real Man !

This Signifer of the origins “Erbe” or “Erebe” or “Europe”, shows the old problem of continuous and discontinuous, like Eros and Thanatos.

Erbe-Eve, like continuous or discontinuous?

If discontinuous, nothing at the beginning!

To built the human being, these two principles, continuous and discontinuous, Eros and Thanatos, must work together.

This is the job to become a Man (about 50 percent are women, don't forget it !).

Son of Chaos and the Night ! The Signifer Europe is alarming !

What about Eros working and walking along and alone without Thanatos and the will to have only Continuous with no Discontinuity ?

We'll see it, maybe !



Continuous  and Discontinuous  must work together !

Local and global too.

How to make them go together ??

Let us imagine a belt !


What characterizes it is to be double-side or double-face and double-edge.

It is not enough to say it, you must  check it.

One can then spend his time saying:

One: "I am internal Face !"

 The other: no, I'm internal face, you are external...

It is like : yes or no for Europe!

This can last thousand years!

That  founds the worship of racism and hatred !


  Let us make make a half-turn of irritation to our belt!


We obtain a Moebius band.

What characterizes it is to be single-sided and single-edge.

Once again, it is not enough to say it, it should have been checked!

Who can still then lost his time to say: (One : I am internal face, yes for Europe - the Other : no, it"s me, I am the  internal face, you are external face, no to Europe), as it is the same face, the same speech !

What made here all stops with racism is the access to "no difference" !

Indeed, locally while cutting a local piece  of the Moebius band, any idiot will be able to note that it is quite double-side and double-edge! However, globally it is single-sided and single edge.

It is thus locally double-side and double-edge, and globally single-sided and single-edge.

We could say locally man and globally  woman !

  God built them man and woman, but not locally !

   Locally and globally !

Then, yes or no about the European Constitution !?

It is obviously here matter of discurse.

The question is clear, the French have chosen to undergo the binary discurse and the démagogy,  then  "Yes or No", the combat is lost in advance, anyhow !

The true negotiation will be made afterwards, if the binary speech is given up!

                                                                      Charley SUPPER













































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