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The lying of illiteracy, by Charley Supper









The third person of grammar, this “it” (which is already contained in the word ill-it-eracy) appears for the child when he apprehends the 3rd dimension . It is only after this moment that he will be able to stand up and walk.


The three persons of the grammatical Trinity:  

or The lying of illiteracy

This is not a pipe      

This is not a pipe !

We assume that to be able to read, it is necessary to have been registered as "sexuated*" (through the "Symbolic Death System") which means nothing else than to have given up being indexed as "not sexuated*" !

   * We will translate :

the French word sexuation by : sexuation

the French word sexué by : sexuated

It's not so easy to understand it, and my bad English is not really helpful !

(Extracted the book: “Illiteracy and Sexuation”) by Charley Supper

Let us represent for example a figure of continuous and of discontinuous : Since Berkeley, the Irish bishop (1685-1753), we did not really progress in this field.




The continuous  is infinite and poses the problem of its immortality and its eternity!




With the discontinuous we are confronted with something which is not without evoking Death, interruption !

That is not without evoking Yi - King either.



Now let us represent Man and  Woman in a funny way to imagine how that can be used to be embedded one in another:






Let us use "man" and "woman" to represent a top-below :


This drawing is in Dimension two !

So when I write on a board or on a sheet, all what is written there is in dimension two (height by length).
But when we represent a top-below, we have then a "dimension two" figure of a "dimension three" representation (height by width, by depth) and it is only by a pure artifice of language, reading or writing, as sexuated, that some people among us manage to see this depth of the figure there represented by the fictitious interruption of our line.
Like an hallucination !

Let us use ”Man” and “Woman” to create our diagram 1 below


Diagram 1


You see here that even the single representation of a single top-below requires the use of  masculine and  feminine .
This top-below is a representation of dimension three in dimension two.
What can be deduced from this figure of a siingle top-below?
If we remain on the imaginary floor, we can break up my diagram only into the following elements: Three independent features:  

I would say there are three sticks !

And it's true !



If I pass through symbolic system, I will have access to dimension three which will let me see that my line of “Diagram 1” was not interrupted, but just passed below.

I must however have had access to the “
IT” (guard of Sexuation), the third person of my grammatical Trinity:

The IT is given to me by my access to the symbolic system !



The Holy Spirit!


The empty Unit or the third dimension!
This is the place where the Verb resides, as also the "Other" of the psychoanalysts
This is the place where the name of God is written (with some invisible ink) !
It is also the entry of Art and Love.
Other, Art, Love, another Trinity !
It is also this place which is represented for the Christian Saints by what they carry on the head and that is named in French "une aureole" !



After this exit (when IT is ex), the door opens to Dimension three.
I will then be able to read my diagram by breaking up my figure into its two identical elements :
And it is true too !


Two identical elements. One passing simply under the other, which made me believe before (at time of the imaginary stage) that they were not similar.


The proof is that if I turn over my diagram, I obtain the same reversed graph. There were two equal sticks !

       Initial diagram                                                      Turned over Diagram

(Colours are there for better understanding)
There are well two identical sticks though of different colour :
a continuous
red line
a continuous


The illiterate persons do not have access to Dimension three which is not the dimension of lying but that of interpretation. Thus they do not manage to apprehend the tops-below and cannot thus decipher the letters nor the words.
As they have only access to imaginary (in French : imaginaire) and not to the Symbolic Field, they will be able to read the Diagram 1 only as follows :

So they read it :

Three sticks !
This is not so wrong !

They read something which is right, but which is out the community of humans, out the consensus of human language.
Their stupefied and limited looking comes from the fact they think other people make fun of them and pretend to see something which does not really exist. In fact, they are limited by their  non-sexuation which does not give them access to the symbolic system, therefore not to the third dimension.

As opposed to what educators or teachers usually say in France, the question is not to give them limits, but quite to the contrary, to make them transgress those limits by which they are separated from the field of symbolic system.

The access to Symbolic System field, resorts as well to the lying as to the truth.
When reading, an illiterate person does not see this artifice because she is unceasingly in research of truth of The Truth


                                                                                  Charley Supper



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