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Topological approach to symbolic sexuation, by Charley Supper   (Translation from French by : Scully Maywood)

Sexed "no" and "sexed " yes ", or "The symbolic Difference"









       (French text : "Sexué-oui sexué-non")


Faubourg du Temple, August 15, 2006

Sexed "no" or sexed-yes,  or  "The symbolic Difference".

Take a Möbius strip already cut in half.

Fig. 1



One side is blue, the other red



Let us use color to represent mathematically a difference, a sexual differentiation :

--         red = female

--         blue = male


If I traverse a face with an oriented vector, I note, once the circuit is completed, I have not passed, I have not had access to the side which is on the other side of the ribbon

Fig. 2



I have traveled only one side


Already, this figure appears in the crease a certain duplicity in which I am anxious to be mirrored with another "myself" (1 and 2)

            Fig. 3

Anxiety redoubled since its utility is to serve me to forget another duplicity since I am the subject of lack; of a privation of access to the other side; to the other side of the tape.


 A frightening duplicity of the "other side" that can be written

1 + 2: Is this one?

is it two?

Is it God?


In which case, my question remains in an imagery, an imaginary representation of what appears more imminent and will hide the other side of the duplicity of the lack: "What about the other side" (of the tape)?

The other side of me, is it still me?


The other side, we have said elsewhere, is the feminine


However, neither man nor woman wants the feminine !

This ruse comes back to taking control of a choice that I did not have in saying: "I do not want".

What is forgotten is I do not want it because I did not have access

A "No" that abolishes the responsibility!

Since it does not look at me, I did not answer either.


NO !

This is the 'not' of the state official who is safe and does not risk taking on its responsibility. He does not respond.

That said, the redoubling of the imaginary (and in reality) of the fold (Fig. 3) will occupy the entire field by anxiety and all sorts of symptoms that will be added here onto this imaginary other: What does he want?


A "YES" is always an adventure because it engages the responsibility!

Not only in marriage, but also in the field of sexual differentiation as we have said elsewhere the requirement for a human to save his sexuality, not as a choice between male or female, but in the form of sexual-yes or sexual-no.

But yes-sexual means accepting both sides and then access them and responding.

That is responsibility.

How to access the other side?


The "YES" is what makes mono-face and mon-bord, a structure that was first bi-bord and bi-face, where contraries are accommodated.




The "YES" (the black band B) is equivalent to the blue band in C. These are both Moebius strips, single-sided and mono-bords.

The YES commitment once sewn to the NO contaminates any structure and becomes a total YES.

The bi-face local finds itself in agreement, confused with the global mono-face.

The duplicity is still there, but it is now between the local and global level of the Möbius strip.

Indeed, locally, the Möbius strip is bi-face and bi-bord.

It is enough to be convinced to cut a piece from corner the corner.

But globally, the Möbius strip is mono-sided and mono-bord.

It is this agreement of contraries that is called Difference, and nothing else !



If I run across the band, my vector, in following along the same side and the same direction, will pass along the two sides go before returning to its starting point.



I am then Male and Female.

Being sexual is willing to be sexed-yes and to answer:

Responsible and guilty (Contrary to some claims that have hit the headlines).

Responsible and guilty only because the cut has cleared the space to put a "yes" which makes me responsible !


The difference is then no longer organized around the choice between "man" or "woman" but between "man or woman" and "man and woman".





It was therefore a succession of three duplicity (+ as a lesson of good taste):


1 - The two folds (Fig. 1): Is it One or Two ?                                --> Reality

2 - The other side: is the ego an another ?                                   --> Imaginary

3 - The local and the global :                                                       --> Symbolic

----------------                                                                          ---------------------

4 - To be alone, the way to discover being inscribed: "sexed-yes"  --> Real




                                                                                                                              Charley Supper



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