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Illiteracy topology and psychoanalysis - (In French : Illettrisme topologie et psychanalyse)M


Illiteracy and Topology - Adam and Eve,

by Charley Supper



"Topology which is a branch of pure mathematics, deals with the fundamental properties of abstract spaces. Whereas classical geometry is concerned with measurable quantities, such as angle, distance, area, and so forth, topology is concerned with notations of continuity and relative position" (Alain Cochet).

Topology don't care about quantity but only works on quality. This reason makes it easy to work on unconsciousness and language which work the same way.

If you consider Illiteracy through Topology, the results are perfectly coherent and performing. Using only Quality references, makes you discover at once what is the problem : Sexuation !


Psychoanalysis is also concerned by Topology, because unconsciousness works the same way than the language.

Psychoanalysis is concerned not only with the singular experience of individual analysis, but is equally preoccupied with theory of language and applied it to the entirety of human phenomena in which the unconscious is involved.
The theory is open to all disciplines which concern humankind.

Here is the place of illiteracy and Topology !

Lets have a game, sort of !

Take a paper belt


figure 1 : Adam

It is a two faces ribbon. We called it "Adam"

You can see it on the drawing, one face outside is dark blue and the one inside is pale blue !

Draw a line with a marker in the middle length


Next, cut the strip down the middle lengthwise (don't cut across the narrow dimension).


You will obtain twice the same figure and both of them have kept their characteristics : having two faces. Two clones !

Now sew the two pieces of belt to gather again


and this time cut it across the narrow dimension and make it a long ribbon with an old scare


Take the strip of paper. Make two half twists in one end. Tape the ends together. You now have a

 Moebius strip !

but the structure of you paper has changed because of the two half swings !

Now, it only has one side!

The same paper, with the same scare !

If you want to verify this, take your marker again and colour all along one of the side of your strip ! You will see what will happened. You will pass the two side of your ribbon !

We will present now the Moebius band as below, with a fold. It is the same, but easier to manipulate !

Cut again along the old scare you made before, that have made the two clones.


you obtain this:

Your belt is twice longer than before !

But the structure of the paper has changed again, the cutting made it two faces again !

Verify it !

Strange, no ?

Now sew it back again as a Moebius band


One face again, with the bloody scare !

This time, cut it anywhere else but not in the middle.

On the side by example !


Just have a little rest and a little dream !

Just Imagine that figure 1 is the first human being : Adam !

He is bored to be alone !

He asked God to make him a company,

Some one on his side !

God is young at this time so he is beginning his job, may be he tried to to for the best !

So God first cut Adam


It makes nothing interesting, because both of them pretended to be the same : I am me, no me !

Adam sew his body in one piece again but as he is furious, he makes two half swing before doing it.

Adam is sulky !

God tried again, something a little bit different because of the two half swings !

Cutting again:

Still no company !

Sewing back again !

After a time, God tried something else. A new cut , not in the middle but along the side !

Surprise ! What happened ?

Two different sort of human beings !

Here is the sexuation,

they were sexually different !

One kept the one face (the red) and the other was two faces (the blue).

(After the cutting on the side, a memory of the Moebius band is kept in the red part of the ribbon)

As they were interlaced for ever, Adam called her "Ever" and after a time "Eve", it was shorter !

Together, they had lots of little ribbons...

And the Catholics will make a big mistake on thinking that Eve came from Adam's rib. She came in reality from Adam's ribbon, cut on the side !

An illiterate person, is somebody who cannot support that something can be at the same time (globally) one side and its opposite (locally) two faces.

That's what the Moebius band is,

  •  locally two sides (if you cut a piece)





  • and globally one side.

(You must verify again !)

An illiterate man cannot imagine that to be a complete man, he must accept his share of femininity

An illiterate woman cannot imagine that to be a complete woman she must accept her share of femininity too.

But, femininity, men do not want it and women neither

However, there is no male referent (in French, "Il n'y a pas de réferent masculin")

Because as I said somewhere else, to be capable of reading or writing, one must be capable of reading or  writing himself . (I'm really not sure of my English here !)

One who cannot be read by himself is one who never made the choice to be "sexuated".

"Sexué" in French means to have made oneself an inscription in the Symbolic Book of sexuation. The choice is not  between being "man" and "woman", but between being "sexuated" or "not sexuated".

Till you stay "not sexuated", sure, you can't read nor write !

In the many olden days, initiatory rituals existed to facilitate this passage. Alas, they do not have any more course !

We only have nowadays, football and TV. It's no help !


                                                                     Charley Supper

(If anyone is ok to send me correction for my bad English, he must not hesitate !     ->   Me )

Any how, I would be pleased to know how to translate the French word "sexué" in English !

Thanks in advance


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